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What is Envy?

Spring/Summer 17

Graduation collection for BA (Hons) Fashion:

Fashion Design Womenswear course at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.



        Envy is the feeling experienced by each of us, regardless of gender, age, nationality and other characteristics. We envy someone else's beauty, talent, success, quality of life and many other things. Some believe that envy is the worst of sins, which opposes any existing virtues. This feeling slowly chokes the person as a snake, gradually capturing all of the essence. If the man does not get rid of it, envy begins to deliberately destroy his soul.
        This project aims to show author’s perception of envy as an action inside human’s soul, which is brought outside and turned into the set of garments. As envy is a feeling, which means it is not material, author is building her own visual narrative, showing the audience the story about envy through the prism of her own view of the world.


        Each look represents described activities—appearance, suffocation, entanglement and destruction—through the pattern cutting, fabrics and prints manipulation. Envy is reproduced through asymmetrical deconstructed garments, which are revealing envy lurking under the surface.